Kids Say the Darndest Things

We had a sleepover and spent the evening with two extra girls in our home. They are loud and usually obnoxious – I owe a big apology to everyone accosted by three blonde girls in Kroger’s. I should have stopped them, but then what exactly would I blog about? Your annoyance is my gain.

I kept a running list of the odd/interesting/silly things they said throughout the evening. Here are a few of my favorites:

It only looks good with skinny jeans. Am I wearing skinny jeans?

Boom! Goes the dynamite.

I like the red [lipstick], but wanted black. Not to be a goth or anything. I just think it would look good with my outfit.

I explain things in a lot of detail.

Hi. I’m awesome.

Hi. I like Tonto. Who is Tonto? He is a guy from a show. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

This guy came out of the bathroom really fast like and when I went in there the toilet was stopped up. I had to go find a waitress to tell her. [Seriously dude. A ten year old shouldn’t have to do that for you. Grow up.]

I can almost do a cartwheel; I just can’t stick the landing.

Ladies, save it for war! [This may be my new slogan.]

We did this thing at school where we went around the room and said our name with our favorite food. I said ribs and cheese dip. I said bacon.

What if we saw all three of our teachers here [Kroger’s] together? That would be a sad girl’s night out.


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