Road Trippin’ Part II

I’m back at home after a several days at a conference. I’ll spare you all of the boring industry details and instead give you the information you are really interested in . . . the food! Even with all of the walking, I returned home a few pounds heavier. I guess that just means I had a good time.

I didn’t take any photographs, so a list of my spoils will have to do.

-smoked sausage po-boy

-bread pudding

-one amuse bouche that I won’t even try to describe

-red beans and rice

-one Big Awesome Cookie

-one cup of delicious cold brew coffee

-coconut gelato

-gnocchi with blue crab and black truffle

-one muffaletta

-one banana sno-ball

-one single solitary beignet

-delicious brie with bread

-duck with foie gras and boudin

-two fried jambalaya bites

-one nougat napoleon

-one to-die-for coconut macaroon

And of course, no fewer than one huge beer, one girly-colored random cocktail, half a bottle of wine, one white russian and three amaretto sours.

My stomach hurts a little just thinking about it.


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