Yep, still fat.

As part of my quest to become more comfortable with myself and proud of who I am, I’ve been working through The Nearsighted Owl’s “How to be a Fat Bitch” ecourse.

Today [ok, yesterday], I’m working on the assignment from course #3 by wearing a shirt that would typically be reserved for home only. Why? It is a little tight. Not tight as in a size too small, just curve-hugging. And – gasp! – it shows my rolls. Usually, this would make it a great big wardrobe no-no, but I’m trying something new. I love this shirt and it makes my boobs look awesome, so why shouldn’t I wear it?

The result: I felt uncomfortable a few times throughout the day. It definitely required a mental-adjustment on my part. I caught myself pulling on the bottom of the shirt a lot – partly because I was self-conscious and partly because of the slippery tank top I choose to wear underneath (the shirt is slightly see-through and needed some self-enforced work modesty). I struggled more when I was seated than when standing and I felt uncomfortable more often when I was working in a public area than at my desk.

A coworker told me I looked cute. I only said “thank you,” but wanted to give her a big hug and explain how much that meant to me today. Overall, a win!


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