Casual Clothes

Yeah. . I don’t really own very many clothes you could classify as “casual.” I own a lots of dresses, a couple of skirts, a handful of colorful capris, a couple of pairs of trousers, and one pair of jeans (that I probably wear once a quarter).

I can dress my wardrobe up or down, but it isn’t unusual to find me “overdressed” at some events. This isn’t because I’m not comfortable – it is because I am most comfortable in dresses. That is why I own more than I can count. Dresses and cardigans, over and over again in my closet.

Now, this isn’t to say I sit around fully dressed ready to leave the house at any moment. On the contrary, I do have lounge clothes. They just tend to be a little more . . . naked . . . than clothes you typically want to see people leave the house in. If they aren’t lacking in fabric, my lounge clothes tend to be damaged in some way. I just recently [and reluctantly] disposed of a light-weight, long-sleeved gray sweater with four different holes in it. This is pretty typical of my nightly wear around the house. And don’t even ask about the weekends. It just gets worse, I promise.

When I had surgery last December, I invested in a few new pairs of presentable pajamas for my extended recovery period. That lasted about a week, I guess, before I was back in my regular clothes only saving the new stuff for visitors.

I guess this post should be filed under “some random bit of information you don’t really need to know” about me, but I was just thinking about it and decided to share. My parents are coming over this afternoon and I had to put on some actual clothes – a dress and cardigan, of course – no need to scare them away. I already wore the outfit once this week though and just grabbed it from where it was draped over my bed. . so it is in keeping with my usual standard. Don’t worry.


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