I am a semi-anonymous blogger.

Even though I haven’t announced my identity to the world, I have mentioned and linked to this blog on Facebook. About half of my [limited] readership is people I know and interact with on a daily basis. I also don’t obscure enough details to make it impossible to discover my secret identity, but that is hardly a problem with my dozen regular readers.

I don’t censor myself on this blog, but sometimes I do run into problems. Right now I am facing one of those problems. Something happened last week that I would very much like to write about [I have written about it, in fact, but won’t be sharing it anytime soon]. I’m a little conflicted because this particular nugget of juicy information needs to stay within a select audience.

I’m bummed. I debated for a while about whether or not to open this blog up to the real people in my life and I knew that doing so would put me in situations just like this. But damn it, I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. I guess I thought I was just the awesomesauce* kind of person who could make it happen.

Well, that didn’t work. Instead of talking about what is on my mind, I will leave you with this video.

*Sometimes I use words like “awesomesauce,” “totes” (or the related “totes tidy”) and “bitches” at home. One day I will use these at work and completely ruin my serious-work-persona.


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