Past My Bed Time

It is late and I should be in bed, so I’m just going to let this post flow a bit.

-I was away at a work conference all week and my brain has turned to mush from over-use. When I got home on Saturday, all I wanted to do was sit and be quiet. So, I did. I don’t think I did anything on Sunday except lounge around, watch television and cuddle with my kids.

-This conference in particular was especially tiring because I did not have a room in the conference hotel. Without a comfy retreat, I didn’t have anywhere to go if I needed a few minutes alone or had some time to kill between sessions. It was challenging to stay “on” at the conference without a little bit of recharging time.

-Right now I am watching an episode of How It’s Made about apple juice. I always thought it would be neat to make a YouTube series using all of the items featured in an episode of How It’s Made at one time. I’m not clever enough to make that work though.

-I think I watch too much television and need to get back to my big stack of books.

I took a break to sing to my refusing-to-sleep son and now it is too far past my bedtime. I will have to catch up with the blog tomorrow.


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