The little man has been using his ipad app (My First ACC) to ask his therapists to blow bubbles. For those of you who might not understand the significance of this situation – MAJOR BIG DEAL ALERT! This opens up a whole new world of communication possibilities.

See, here is the deal. A lot of the time, I know what the little man wants because I am his mother. [This same things prevents me from playing Twenty Questions with my daughter – I always know what she picks.] But sometimes, there just isn’t enough context to go off of and I have to stare into my little man’s eyes knowing he is trying desperately to tell me something. Even though I realize he probably only wants a certain toy or a certain show or to go into a certain room, it hurts a lot when I can’t figure it out. It frustrates him too.

But now we have the possibility of communication at his fingertips – literally. We have our fist concrete proof that we can help him unlock his words.

I’m super excited. When you are the parent of a disabled child, you fall back on your hope quite often. You work every day to keep up with therapy options, insurance issues, doctor possibilities, etc. You spend time putting together health information to make sure you are getting every bit of help possible. You try to do all this while maintaining your sanity and balance. Little moments like today serve as justification for your hope. They give you enough momentum to keep going and keep strong.


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