Recurring Dreams

When I was a child I had two recurring, disturbing dreams that centered around my hair. A quick google search into the world of or dream analysis tells me this about hair in dreams: 1) dreaming of hair possibly represents your current mindset or self image, taking into account the color and style and 2) dreaming of having your hair cut against your will possibly represents a loss of power or freedom or a sense of giving-in.

Dream #1:

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I am playing outdoors in a nondescript, unknown trailer park with children I have just met. I see an open door and decide to poke into a dilapidated white and red trailer. My only exit is blocked when the owners return home and I quickly run and try to hide in the bedroom. I’m soon confronted by Tweedledum and Tweedledee –esque twins who mock me and cut my hair.

Then I wake up. I had this dream unrelentingly for a number of years and then it just suddenly stopped.

Dream #2:

This isn’t an individual dream, so much as a scene that appeared in a number of dreams and/or transitioned me from one dream to a recurring dream.

I am on the Belle (a local riverboat-like attraction in the town I grew up in – I have never ever been on this boat just because of this dream). The deck is rotting and dirty with peeling paint, but inside it is pristine white and has an unsettling medical feel.  I’m greeting by a gaunt, pale woman with impeccable style and a coarse, overpowering man in a tuxedo. [They talk to me, but I could never remember what they said when I awoke.] I’m led to a wall of shallow white-lacquer drawers – sometimes I open one, sometimes the woman opens one, sometimes the man opens one, but I am always forced to look inside. The drawers hold scalps sporting carefully groomed hairstyles. Usually some matching accessories are included – to complete the look I guess. Nothing is ever explained, but I understand that the gaunt woman wears these different scalps [sort of a Return to Oz theme] and that my hair is destined for its own drawer. I see a different hairstyle each time, but the only one I can remember is a beautiful dark Native-American braid with turquoise headband and bracelet.

The dream progresses in many different ways from that point – various scenarios I try to escape my fate. I had this dream much longer than the first one, but probably not in at least fifteen years.

Tabatha would not approve!
Tabatha would not approve!


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