An aborted day off

I didn’t have to work today. I enjoy taking these random days off; it is always nice to have a little bit of a breather that isn’t related to medical appointments or errands. Today was a little bit different though – my daughter woke up this morning not feeling well. She had been complaining about the same thing last night, so we let her stay home. With me. On my day off.

Here are the things I like to do when I find myself randomly off work in the middle of the week: stay in bed late, drink coffee, sit on the couch, watch television, read a book, be lazy to the extreme.

And the most important thing I like to do on a day off? Be alone. That is the best thing about a day off – no one needs anything. All I usually have to worry about is myself for just a few hours. It is awesome.

Here are some of the things I ended up doing on my random day off in the middle of the week: cleaned up after a lousy-feeling child, watched an hour of Big Time Rush, made lunch, did laundry [ok, maybe I was planning to do that anyway, but still!], offered entertainment suggestions to the aforementioned lousy-feeling child.

The super-selfish side of me was sad. But I sucked it up and got over it because. .  well, I guess that is what adults are supposed to do. Eventually, she decided that she should relax with me on the couch so we lounged for a few hours and watched Gravity Falls. I might even have napped. Guess I will have to wait a few more months for that alone time.


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