At the Airport

 Well, three airports actually.

  • One cranky woman angry at everything around her
  • One man on the phone behind me withdrawing his candidacy for a job
  • Self-compacting trash cans
  • At least eight Starbucks
  • One man wearing a hat covered with pictures of street signs
  • One man dressed like a rock star, complete with leather pants
  • One woman wearing pants so tight I momentarily wondered if they were painted on
  • Three people dressed for a climate at least 30 degrees cooler
  • One announcement for a flight to “Den-vah”
  • One gold sequined hat
  • One young priest in full regalia
  • One blue and white polka dot neck pillow being worn while running to a new gate
  • A one-sided long hug between a young couple
  • One man comparing flying on a private plan to his current ordeal
  • One child riding on a rolling suitcase
  • One woman wrapped in a full-size blanket with it trailing on the floor behind her
  • One seeing-eye dog
  • One book titled Satan, You Can’t Have My Marriage

Atlanta Airport - New Terminal



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