My Friday

5:30am My husband’s alarm goes off and he hits the snooze button. Our daughter is away for spring break, so we have some extra time. I roll over to tell him I need to be in the shower no later than 6:30, so he needs to be up by 6. [We only have one full bath.]

5:39am There is that snooze button again.

[5:45-6:00am] My husband gets up and heads to the shower. I don’t actually wake up, so I have no clue when this happened.

6:12am He comes back to ask me if I want him to wake me up at 6:30 or now. I choose 6:30 and roll over to snuggle the toddler. Yes, he is in our bed. No, this is not ideal.

6:30am The husband comes back.

6:51am I finally get up and head to the shower.

6:53-7:50am Shower, makeup, hair, clothes, breakfast, etc. I decide to wear a maxi dress that drags the ground even though it is pouring rain outside. Not my finest moment – I will regret this choice.

7:55am Finally in the car. I decide to drive through for a Friday morning pick-me-up (soda). I will not be making it to work by 8am, as I hoped.

8:30am I pull into the parking garage and mess up my hair while trying to put my jacket on. I have to search for my umbrella for way too long, but eventually found it. I take the elevator down and pause to determine how to hike my dress up while balancing my purse, umbrella, and the soda I just had to have. It is an awkward trip across the parking lot.

8:40am I walk into work, but decide to check facebook and wait until 8:45 to officially be “in.” Thankfully, no one has posted photos of last night’s reception where I decided to dance and act a fool. This is what always happens when you finally get a break from a week of stress (+ wine). I appreciate this moment of relief, but know there are photos and videos out there somewhere.

8:45am Work! I start my audiobook (currently finishing up Just My Type) and get started on the data entry I have been working on. Data entry isn’t a big part of my job – I usually spend my time digging through boxes of historical documents – but I’ve been working on a digital project, so this is my task for now. It gives me more book time, but makes my fingers tired.

8:50 am Type, type, copy and paste, type.

9:55am The database isn’t cooperating and I feel like I already need a break. I take a quick moment to order a moose head from Cardboard Safari for my son’s room then restart my program and head upstairs to check my mail.

10:00am Refreshed and ready to tackle the problem. It seems to be working better after the restart. Type, type, copy and paste, type.

10:20am Random thought: “My mouth itches. Please don’t let it be allergy time already.” Type, type, copy and paste, type.

10:50am Email break. They are pouring in this morning. I’m trying to work through as many as possible today so they aren’t waiting for me on Monday morning. Personal email is blowing up too. Yikes!

11:12am Sneeze! Because of my surgery in December, this hurts pretty bad. I have to take couple of minutes to let the pain pass. I also decide to break out some tylenol; I need a little help today.

11:22am Time to turn on a new book. I finished Just My Type and really enjoyed it. I do feel a bit guilty for listening to a book about font though. It just seems wrong. I struggle over the fiction vs. nonfiction decision, but eventually decide to move on to Annoying: The Science of What Bugs Us. Both authors narrate it and this immediately annoys me. Think they did that on purpose?

Noon Lunch with two coworkers and a friend (and former coworker) who happens to be in town. I’ve been looking forward to this all week. It is still wet and cold, so we decide to stay close to the office. I still have to hike up my dress to avoid the puddles.

2:30pm  Long lunch over. Time to get back to typing. Turns out I had an error in an upload prior to lunch, so I’m starting my afternoon by fixing that.

3:00pm Spent some time giving a coworker an overview of a system we use daily. We will get into deeper training next week when I walk her through the steps. I’m thirsty, but water isn’t doing it for me.

3:50pm Back at my desk. It is such a dreary day today, it feels like it is already 8pm.Type, type, copy and paste, type.

4:15pm Remembered that I was supposed to make an appointment to get my makeup done tomorrow first thing this morning. Woops. Luckily a quick call got me all straightened out. I plan to look awesome at the gala tomorrow night.

5pm Off the clock! Back to my car. Thankfully, it isn’t raining anymore and most of the puddles have dried (although it is still pretty nasty outside). I only have to carry my dress a little and don’t need to balance my umbrella.

5:15pm Manicure time! I’m usually not this high maintenance, but I’m going all out for this weekend.

5:50pm I stopped by a flash sale to buy some jewelry for Saturday. I waited in line for 30 minutes to check out, but it was totally worth it.

7pm Dinner. Finally, I was starving. We decide to watch an episode of My Strange Addiction – the girl on it was drinking human blood. Not the best dinner television choice. Yes, we eat in our living room like a modern family. Don’t judge.

7:55pm The husband leaves to buy me a razor. I’m out and it is an emergency. I owe him big time.

8pm The dog is staring at me and hasn’t blinked. I’m sure she wants something, but don’t have a clue what that might be. I click over to The Mary Tyler Moore Show and get comfortable.

8:20pm The husband returns with razors and mini Frostys. Yay! Now I double owe him.

8:30pm The Bob Newhart Show is on now, so I snuggle with my little man and zone out for a while. It is technically the weekend and our house is clean, so we might as well enjoy it. The husband uses the downtime to pick out his suit for tomorrow night while the boy plays with a straw. All is well.

8:35pm Another sneeze. Damn.

9:15pm Shower!

10pm I crawl into my warm bed and turn on an episode of How Its Made. I’m sure I fell asleep at some point, but your guess is as good as mine.


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