Confessions of a volunteer-aholic

I have a “yes” problem. If you ask me to do it, I will usually [okay, always] say yes. I just can’t resist. I like helping and being involved with projects. I even had this problem in school – I couldn’t help but volunteer to go first if there was a silence in the classroom.

Currently I am on two boards and have accepted a position on a third. I’m involved with three career-related committees and am considering becoming involved in a mentoring program. I’m attempted to get involved with another group, but never can seem to make it to a meeting. This all very much goes against my “just let me read in the corner” personality and causes some stress, but is good for me.

For some of you super-volunteers, this might not sound like much. I assure you though; this fills every free space on my dance card. Add in my husband, daughter, and disabled son and you have one busy lady!

I tend to take too much on and since I prefer to work on projects alone (hello, introvert!), I can sometimes find myself overwhelmed. My husband has been known to have to talk me down on occasion. He would not be excited to learn about the number of community group and activism email lists I belong too. They are always looking for volunteers after all, and there is always the right I will raise my hand.

Don’t get me wrong – I love every minute of it. [Although sometimes only in hindsight.]

Any tips and tricks from other chronic-volunteers out there? How do you find the balance?


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